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Better Bodies athlete Maiju Minea Aalto: “I was inspired by a friend”

Inspired by the American IFBB Pro Nicole Wilkins-Lee, Maiju started her journey to the fitness stage.
After more than 10 years of dressage riding it didn´t came as shock when Maiju started to experience heavy back pain.She began to search for a way to exercise that also would strengthen her body.

- I was inspired by a friend who just started competing in Bikini and we started to workout together in the local gym.

Maiju became more and more curious about competing and appreciated working with her body instead of against it.
In 2013 she participated in her first Bikini Fitness qualification competition for the Nationals but during 2014 she made the decision to switch to the Body Fitness category. In the middle of April she will back on stage again at the Fitness Classic, being held in Helsinki.

- The competition is in April and I started to stop eating junk and really focus on my diet after the Christmas holidays. My body responded very well and in coming weeks I will step it up even further.


In the spotlight with… Better Bodies Athlete Samer Dawood.

Better Bodies Athlete Samer Dawood was a top football player who left the football field and entered the gym when he realized his real passion was weight training.

Samers journey to the fitness stage started on the football field. - Well, I was a football player with the Swedish division 3 team Södertälje FF when I found out my real passion was the gym.

He was very driven and after 4 tough years he stepped on the stage for the first time. - I was a real rookie, I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know anything about competition dieting or posing but I had made my mind up. So when I stepped on stage for the first time in 2008, I was whiter than everybody else and I just improvised.

His journey continued and in 2011 he was selected to represent Sweden in the Nordic Championship where he came in third place.
Since 2013 he has been his own coach and in 2014 he travelled by himself to the States for the Branch Warren Classic. He came back to Sweden as the winner of the Lightweight category.
Now it is only a couple of weeks left before Samer is back on stage, this time for the Phil Heath Pro Competition.
-  It´s a few days left and it feels good, just a few minor adjustments remain.


Better Bodies athlete Martin Montazeri: “My keywords are discipline, purposefulness and focus”

Martin is the strong-minded Better Bodies Athlete who prefers to workout on his own. Martin started out as a football player but when he turned 16, 10 years ago, he decided to leave the team and start a journey of his own.
- I like to have my destiny in my own hands. I know my sacrifice will pay off, It´s up to me. Don’t get me wrong I do like to workout with other people but we have to be synchronized.

The keywords are discipline, purposefulness and focus.
- It´s like a really straight line when I’m preparing for a competition. I eat the same diet three times a day for 8-10 weeks and during the last week I start to adjust the intake of carbs and water.

During autumn 2015 he won both the Swedish Championship and became the Nordic Overall Champion. In May it’s time for the European Championship.
- I will give it all I got, I´m aiming for the gold, Martin says with a smile.


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